What was 2020? Pt 1

I have been envisioning John Ford’s THE GRAPES OF WRATH all over New York,

since April 2020.  

I see Tom Joad.

I hear him.

And his words.

When I first heard in January 2020, there was a virus spreading in China, I knew.

I have lived a life since 2015, where my mantra was always:  

Horse and Buggy, 

Wood burning stove and 

most important BUCKET.

Yes.  Bucket.

I’ve been going into take-out shops with my steel bucket.

Ok, its not like a plastic, dirty slop-sink like bucket.  

It is a steel container with a handle and separated by 3 tiers.  So one area is for rice, and the other for the main meal.

The response at first was “No, you must use our take-out containers.”  99% of the time the take out lady had a sound of resentment. Without prompt I would say, “Look, I have nothing against your paper goods, I’m sure they are gorgeous, don’t take offense, but I just don’t want anymore plastic in my life.”  They were offended most of the time.

I have prepared.

I live simple.

I am low paid. 

Not that I am proud of that.

I am working for the day I get “paid greatly for thinking”, as paraphrasing what Pauline Kael would say.   I do many things to make money.  I was a dog-groomer for a while until I realized dog grooming was a form of dog torture.  I cleaned toilets with a warrior team of powerful Polish women wrestler types, cleaning hotel rooms, typing 95 wpm for Deutsche Bank, Goldman Ass (oops Sachs), voiceover artist, Audio Book narrator for the worst sort of porn novel that could ever have been written, reading it for (WAIT FOR IT!!) THE BLIND!!

While praying to get my short films produced, my youtube film noir 1940s 10 min episode series pitches developed but still figuring out how to pay the rent, so gotta hustle.

I was a beginner facialist until I realized I hate touching faces and then I was a manicurist until I realized I hated people.  

Like Marian Gellhorn said:  I love humanity, I hate people.

The work that brings me joy other than writing all my TV/Novel/spoken word projects, is ANIMAL CARE, GOAT FARMING, LEARN HOW TO MAKE CHEESE AND START TO WORK ON THE LAND dream!! All the animal care assistant work I have done, no matter how difficult to watch dogs that I care for at ACC (in Brooklyn) be put to sleep for no truly “serious” reason, was terrible, but my time with the animals seems to me, “elevated” time.  I become elevated.  I move into another zone.  I am free for a tiny moment, and in joy for a tiny moment.  No questions ask.  

To work with animals, and teach young people empathy and interconnectivity with nature and animals and trees and plants is the dream.  To start a foundation and a sanctuary / shelter.

That is the dream for the last 20 years!

And that is another post.  

With the onslaught of the COVID SOCIETY, where do we go now? How do we live? Those of us who live in the cities that are now being left to fend for themselves.

What if you are not 25?  35?  And work in the digital world, which seems 95% of young people are doing this?  

I’m 50 plus and I’m still trying. 

Right now I have been working in ELDER CARE.  But now with the virus, I fear my days are numbered because the vaccine will probably be a requirement.

Yes.  I know. I know.  I know what everyone will say.

It can get everyone.

It will infect everyone.

Does the flu get everyone?


Some haven’t had a flu for 15 years.  

Like me.

Some of the population are educated on holistic care.

Some of us have a flawless immunity system and can fight naturally, remember, the body is perfection.  The body can fight EVERYTHING.

Some of us don’t eat hamburgers, hotdogs, cronuts, and Snickers nor Lindt chocolate.

We have pursued an IRON CLAD IMMUNITY SYSTEM on purpose and with deep intention. A body that is ALKALINE not ACID!!  Ok dude?

How about the fact that the minute the virus enters your mouth, your immunity system has already DEGRADED it and it NEVER MAKES IT into your body as a particle!

YES.  This is possible.  But no one is telling you this.


I have pursued this for over 15 years. 

I detox regularly.

Why?  Because I don’t want to die in a freaking shit hospital.

I never trusted a hospital.  (No disrespect to the incredible workers, nurses, staff, etc)

But I have not had ONE doctor since the age of 5 “listen” and “respect” my observations and what I sense is going on in my body.

NOT ONCE.  The only person who helped me with my various stomach issues has been a NATUROPATH woman who gave me the tools to heal. 

And I healed.

But it is ongoing.  One must have discipline with food as food is EVERYTHING. Food REFLECTS ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR BODY!!

Has anyone ever given you the BENEFITS OF A HAMBURGER FROM MCDONALDS?  How about this:  INFLAMATION.

Meat creates ACID and an ACIDIC body is an INFLAMED BODY.

Simple guys!  Inflamation causes DISEASE!!  ok?

I can go on and on about health in America and overall health and I can say this, I would think 80% of Americans are sick and THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

But again….another post.

(NOTE:  As I have not published this, I just heard from a reputable health statistic that BEFORE corona virus 40% of AMERICANS already had 2 comorbities! 40%.

No wonder the VIRUS is just GRABBING these people and taking over the “sick” and “ill” bodies of almost HALF OF AMERICANS!!

Because I don’t have health insurance, I care for myself.

Because I want to keep at bay the inevitable death, but moreso the SUFFERING.

So I will be a task master of my body and do what I can to keep the dirty word:  HOSPITAL far far far from me.

I don’t eat anything once a week.  Intermittent fasting.  Not for losing weight but changing the body chemistry.  Evidence shows diabetes and heart problems can be literally wiped away using this technique.  

But as every doctor I have spoken to has said to me:  No one will want to do that. The majority of human beings want to eat what they want. And they want instant gratification. That is why we have medications. The medications simply stall.  They hold at bay the explosion.

And boy is America exploding.

I don’t roll that way.

I live to prevent.

I live to create balance.

I have pursued this since I was already in my 20s.

I want my body to move with harmony.

So, in saying this, THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO DO NOT NEED THE VACCINE because our immunity system is normal.  In fact, the immunity system is PERFECT and IRON CLAD if you take care of your body. Green Juices.  No sugar.  An alkaline body.  Where there will be NO INFLAMMATION.

How many of us understand how the body actually works?

But how many of us live like this?

Everyone wants a quick fix.

Everyone wants ONE answer.

Which is fine.

I say to everyone who wants that quick fix, get the vaccine.

I am not ANTI VAX.

I have had several disasters when I received the Polio Vaccine and the Chicken Pox vaccine. Because of the results and the illnesses, I would never get a vaccine, as I know my body and I know the reactions. And I have done enough research to make this decision.

In saying this, I will continue getting tested.

I continued to mask and social distance and I believe we won’t be hugging people for the next 3-5 years.

Yup.  I said it.

I recommend watching the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE episode in March 2020. Just think, this was a bit before the LOCK DOWN and we are already talking about PLASTIC LOVE!!

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