What was 2020? Pt 2

A wonderful church and grounds to seek shelter from a busy city! 
But that has all changed as this huge glass coffin now overshadows the entire 1800s church! No accountability! No vetting! Just DO WHAT YOU WANT, in terms of architectures, and preserving this ancient church off 5th Avenue and 20/19th street. NO ONE CARES and the DEVELOPERS are laughing as these coffins REMAIN EMPTY! EMPTY!!


When I started to adventure outside in between April, May and June from Greenwich Village, I began to see the small glimmers of disorder.  

First, imagine that in 2019, there were over 112,000 homeless people.  This figure is a mix of people who were living literally on the street and people who were sheltering in a shelter.  I don’t really care about this, all I know is that housing, rent is outrageous and none of this makes sense.  Ever.  

Think about how many people in 2020 were on the street.

Then think of where we are now in December 2020.  

Rents go sky-high when destabilization occurs.

When there is no REGULATION, hey, these REAL ESTATE LUNATICS just let it rip. Sky high prices with no let up, no emotion, no compassion and no concern for the consequence.

Books have been written about these corporation not wanting to know their tenants, not wanting to know names, not wanting to look at them:  dehumanize, disenfranchise.  And keep them as “other.” As “tenants” that have no name will be easier to evict and throw out! The point is to anesthetize emotion. The Landlord is not responsible for anything. He just can evict, and find another person.

I have seen all this in the last 10 years.

They say, those of us who SEE TOO MUCH, lose the poetry in their life.

I get this.

I see too much.


I have always said and I hold to it:  There are MORE OF US than THEM!

In those months, I began to see young people dressed very well, in vintage wear, cool and sleek.  These were YOUTHFUL, TRENDY 20 somethings, 30 somethings!!  I was told time and time again:  “I lost my job and I couldn’t pay the rent.”  It looked like they had all their belonging in 2 wheelie suitcases and they were rolling down 6th avenue near West 4th street. The shops were closed.  There were hardly any people outside. But I began to see these “shuffling” wheelie people.  Day after day and week after week.  I saw them find their way to the WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK, I saw them find respite in the CITY HALL park during the protests.  I saw them more and more as I walked up 6th Ave. 

But as I continued uptown, I was shocked to see it wasn’t the straggly bits and pieces of people, but throngs in an encampment.  Everywhere you go in MID TOWN you can find these encampments.  

Twitter from London:

“Shocking in London to see people having to sleep tonight on the street during this freeze.  It’s like the poverty of the Victorian-era has returned.”


“To go back to 2007 which was a 1929.  In both instances, banks crashed global economy in orgy of fraud.  Ponzi schemes. Glass-Steagal Act separates speculative banking in 1933 repealed in 1990s with a crash in less than 10 years.”

The Gilded Age returned? Inequality today much greater.  No FDR. No New Deal.

So lets break it down.

While NEW YORKERS are being evicted, the one thing that is not LOCKED DOWN is LUXURY HOUSING CONSTRUCTION?

Every single block, every single empty space is being pounded and raped by the machinery to build up up and away into the sky.  

Do the rich think they can OWN THE SKY now?

I walked around NYC, my eyes on the sky and shaking my head so vigorously people probably thought I was one of those dogs in the back of a car that can’t stop shaking its head up and down. 

So tell me?  What are you going to do with 100,000 empty apartments?


This gorgeous white 1800s cast iron building which was a beautiful thing to look at is simply TAINTED AND SPIT AT, BY THIS GLASS PIECE OF GARBAGE. AND it just keeps on keeping on. More glass tombstone buildings every last freaking empty space in NYC. No wonder every New Yorker is moving to BROOKLYN OR BRONX because the DEVELOPERS HAVE RAPED AND DISEMBOWELED MANHATTAN.

They are so hungry for more greenback nutrition, will they lower the prices?

How greedy will they reveal themselves to be?

How selfish, how disgusting and how vomit inducing will it get.


I am not one to make money off of HOUSING, which is a HUMAN RIGHT, not a game of flipping when there are vulnerable human beings involved in this game who are always the ones to suffer and the guy making the commission is the one who just doesn’t care!  

Does America breed this type of humanoid?

Trees need to be destroyed to make way for these glass coffins. Who cares? Every last tiny space is being crammed with some sort of glass monster tombstone for the dead. The dead are the EXTREME wealthy who have truly no clue on how to use their EXCESS MONEY, keeping these places empty for 11 months out of the year when coming to NY to shop for ONE MONTH and live the NYC lifestyle. THIS SHOULD BE REGULATED and there should be a STOPPAGE on these tombstones.

When someone says they bought a property to “flip” am I supposed to be impressed?

I would think the common response would be to vomit on their shoes.

There are 150 (give or take) MILLION, I repeat MILLION who are now FOOD INSECURE and that would mean POOR.


150 MILLION POOR IN A COUNTRY OF 330 MILLION???? (now in 2020!)

I mean.  Isn’t this causing someone to be nervous.

Do the corporations think they can still make money off of “slave labor?”

When the majority of people will not longer BUY THEIR STUFF BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO MONEY TO BUY STUFF?

Who will pay taxes then?  

The rich are hauling their money straight out to the Channel Islands or OFF SHORE, so what does that leave America with?

Are you going to start taxing the homeless?

America had trillions since 2003, to go to war with Iraq on fake charges of Uranium rods.  There were no such rods.  Remember?  Colin Powell the guy lied during court proceedings on the subject of “enriched Uranium”.  Yup.  The same guy who is on MSNBC giving critiques on Donald Trump.  The point?  We went to war to rape, pillage, steal and plunder another nation of its sovereignty and its oil resources for the few elites to make hay.  And hay they made.  Billions to pile away into some swiss bank account.

But the common American?

What did they get for the trillions spent for war?

We see what happened. 

We have 400 billionaires who own 99% of the countries assets.

400 people / families out of 330 million people, run the show in America.

Think about this:

In a rare Memorial Day session in 2001, the Senate passed Bush’s $1.3 trillion tax-cut plan: lowering tax rates 3 to 5 percent in all income brackets, phasing out the estate tax, reducing the marriage penalty and doubling the per-child credit to $1,000.


“If you’re a millionaire, under the Bush tax cut you get a $46,000 tax cut, more than enough to pay for this Lexus,” Sen. Tom Daschle said on Feb. 8, 2001. “But if you’re a typical working person, you get $227. And that’s enough to buy for this muffler.”

And then came the WAR.  

So trillions to be spent and I believe billionaires were made over those war profiteering years and then eventually the obscene income inequality we see since the 2000s.  



Hey DICK CHENY, hey DONALD RUMSFELD, where the f.. k you at?

Happy with your billions and shut up encased in concrete somewhere, because you know if you left the country you would be arrested or kidnapped or another SHOE ATTACK?

Can anyone tell me if we are STILL at war?

What about Afghanistan?  How much money?

For what?

We were fighting terrorism?


How much money are we making from the Opium Trade?

Come on, the whole thing is a joke of blood, guts, and 1000s of Americans dead and maimed and still waiting to get some help from WALTER REED, but last I heard the waiting list was still 8 years and that was in 2014.  I am not even mentioning the MILLIONS dead and suffering still in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya.  The whole middle east is ON FIRE.  But now with CORONA VIRUS?  There is no much chaos, no one is covering what is going on in the ashes of what America literally built up:  pure suffering, pure chaos and pure destruction.

So, basically, what I’m trying to say is this:  WE GOT MONEY.  LOTS OF IT.

We had so much for the war, that Trump took it upon himself to give his rich-ass Evangelical fake Christian billionaire corporations SOME MORE MONEY by passing the $2 trillion tax cut that went to the top 1/10 of 1 percent of earners in 2018.   

So. Do not believe any of them.

There is money.

There is alot of money.

But the banks, corporation and government refuses to give it to the GENERAL POPULATION.  

What does that mean:  there is no money for:  education, 700 Euros a year for university in Germany, so why not in America? (the first thing you need to at least have a decent somewhat critical thinking objective mind), then you need a strong body, right, so how about FREE HEALTH CARE for all or at least a NOT FOR PROFIT HEALTH SYSTEM?  Then how about MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES in every neighborhood.  How about a THERAPY FACILITY where young people could speak to someone when things are really tough and falling apart and they need that support.  How about money for that?  How about COMMUNITY CARE FOR PARKS, NATURE, GREEN SPACES AND ENVIRONMENTAL alliances to keep the situation on cue because of the GLOBAL WARMING CRISIS?  THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED.

But nope.

All the money went to America’s richest corporations!

And then when the government wanted to start talking about “social programmes” this is what they said:  “Sorry, we are now in a deficit.”



Ps: Look at this image closely. I mean closely. This is your rich OVER LORDS, Bill Gates (who is a computer guy NOT A DOCTOR!! HELLLLLO!!) THE KOCH BROTHERS, these “types” of white old men are shitting in your mouth. And I hate to say it, but there is a huge agenda going on here and if you keep buying “shit” at Walmart, if you keep BUYING in general, and not go to a 2nd hand shop instead, using your SHOPPING AS RESISTANCE action, if you keep just PLAYING THE GAME they want you to play… nothing will change. If not anything .. this image shows you, THE MASSES HAVE POWER if they simply would resist and say: NOPE! No more. I won’t buy. I won’t pay your taxes. I won’t work until you giving me a living wage. NO FREAKING MORE! If not? This SCHEISE will keep on filling your mouth.

Doctrinal Nourishment [or Alimentation Doctrinaire], depicts key figures in Belgium—a bishop, the king, etc.—defecating on the masses of Belgium. These prints are very rare today because Ensor attempted to remove them from circulation after being named Baron and many others were lost during the war.”
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