So, here we are.

The Shunning of the unclean.
The dehumanization
The denunciation.

I should have left Berlin.
I should have left NYC.
I should have gone to the countryside and have been convinced that where we were going was not a place we will ever go back. We were moving forward towards the explosion, towards the car crash, towards the volcano.

I saw something that made me realize
I am not going to make this.
I will not be able to navigate this new world. And that new world in 2014, was a world of iphones and apps and a faster, more hurried way of life that I could not conceive.

I had moved to BERLIN from LONDON to remain a European. To learn of my mother and learn of my father. I wanted to see who they were before they found each other and dismissed their lives before, as nothing to look upon.

They were children.
They were young.
They were alone.

Who were they.

I have been on a journey here to see them.

The journey is not finished by any means… but there is a deep part of me that needs to run faster.. and maybe I need no longer continue.

The focus is on finding sanctuary.

Sometimes we cannot know all the answers concretely. Maybe I already know everything.

Maybe it is the secret findings within.

The secret mysteries of this time and place.

Only through the dream world and through the listening will I find these treasures.

But I will not let these bastards stop me.
Mr. Gates, Mr. Schwab, the WEF, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA… who the hell are these entities?

Please take a look at this interview and you will see all.

I have always known there is evil, but this is the year 2020 / 2021, then I have come to realize it is tangible. There are 8000 plus bankers and finance criminals, who hold the keys to government, politics, policy and how the world is run. Call it what you want, listen to this banker and you will see.

My question is how do we heal them and raise children to never be abused, to never be raped, to never be beaten, to be looked down upon and shamed. This is why we have these damaged narcissist and psychopaths. This is why ALL THIS COVID HORROR IS HAPPENING. Because of ABUSED, UNHAPPY AND UNSATISFIED HUNGRY LOST AND DAMAGED lunatics like a TRUMP, like a GATES, like a SCHWAB….. Listen to what this man says. He was one.

https://www.fromrome.info/2021/05/31/ronald-bernard-the-banker-who-revealed-the- illuminati-child-sacrifice-cult-behind-world-finance/

Again, Mr. Charles Eisenstein: “And many more whose names we shall never know, whose mighty achievements are invisible through the modern lens of scale. Their lack of money did not lessen their power to invoke miracles. That is the kind of creative power necessary to manifest a future I call The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. It differs from Elon Musk’s vision, but who knows where the twisting paths of creativity, disappointment, regret, and renewal may lead?”

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