I still don’t like making phone calls.
But if I have to, I like to use a normal plugged in phone where I’m not feeling like the radiation is being syphoned into my brain, like a red hose from an enema bag, instead of releasing, it is compacting into my brain red fire particles of poison.

Now? God has become a phone.

And it is a deity that I reject and spit at in fact. It is not my God.

As Pfizer is not my God.

I don’t have a phone.
I don’t have facebook.
In 2015, and even 2019 I wasn’t part of anything. I didn’t unite.

I couldn’t afford a gym.
I could take a yoga class here and there, but again I was a visiter here and there.
There was nothing, no place, no group, where I belonged.

I watched how people replaced me and others with a phone.

I watched mothers give their child a phone in the baby carriage. I watched people speak on the phone so loud, that I had visions of me beheading them.

I was encased in the phone world, where all that mattered was the phone.

I didn’t matter.

All I saw around me was people talking on their phone ALL THE TIME.

Living in London, I would see people speak on the phone in Marks & Spencers. I would watch people in a quiet part of the park, TALKING ON THE PHONE.

I kept thinking: “Does everyone have 1000 friends where they can speak to every minute of every day?”

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a person to speak to on the phone 24 hours a day? It seems that is all people do all day.

This object would become our death and our deification.

I remember in 2016, when David Bowie died, I heard the voice say: “And now it begins.” I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling but I heard the voice move us forward.

Now the real BREAK BREAKS!

The music, the galactic, the cosmic and the transcendental matter and form, that flew into the ether and became somewhat of a divine angelic profound entity…

He had gone and we were abandoned.

Back to today: 2021 December.

The phone is the vehicle that will end us.

End us as we are.

We know the plan.

Here let me show you: it is called BLACKMAIL.

Here is an example of what is happening in India. “Aadhaar is the largest biometric digital id program ever constructed. Besides serving as a portal to governmental services, it tracks users’ movements between cities, their employment status, and purchasing records. It is a de facto social credit system that serves as the key entry point for accessing services in India.

With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, Gates and other mavens of the digital id industry have an unprecedented opportunity to introduce their programme into the wealthy countries of the Global North.

The implementation of immunity passports is also accelerating the establish of a global digitial identity infrastructure.

As the military surveillance firm and NATO contractor Thales recently put it, vaccine passports “are a precursor to digital ID wallets”

Ann Cavoukian, the former Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada has described the vaccine passport system already active in her province as “a new inescapable web of surveillance with geolocation data being tracked everywhere.”

The NYTimes deemed a “two-tier system for the vaccinated and unvaccinated.. raising legal, moral and ethical questions”

“The government of France is partnering with a biometric technology company called IDEMIA to “make it easier for its citizens to prove their identity and complete online transactions using a smartphone.”

Here we go.

Klaus Schwab in 2015: “And you see, the difference of the fourth industrial revolution is, it doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you. If you take genetic editing just as an example, it’s you who are changed.”

So as you can see, COVID is a way to galvanize a system of biometric global identification and surveillance and ultimately control.

You don’t obey, we just shut things off on your phone. So, if you have your drivers license on your phone, you won’t be able to drive if you don’t get the 10th vaccine.

Get the picture.

I reject the phone. I reject all of this.

But make no mistake.. THIS IS HAPPENING.

“Something like 1 billion people could be more financially included and participative,” said Mike Kubzanksy, managing partner of Ebay founder and media mogul Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Network during a WEF panel exploring how “Digital Identification Provides a Significant Opportunity for Value Creation.”

As Alison McDowell stated in a talk that I found stating basically you will become a “human data investment commodity.” Yes.. YOU are the commodity. You and your data.

So meanwhile I’m still poor, and people are making money, in fact billions off of my information?

That is why I’m not on FACEBOOK, that is why I’m not on social media and if I am, I used fake everything.

I knew already in the 90s, never ever tell them who you are.

I was invisible.

So now, I really have to disappear.

“A closer look at the push for ‘inclusion by corporate behemoths reveals their altruistic language as little more than public relations cover for raw profit motives, resulting in marginalization and even death for many of those roped into their digital ID systems.”

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