The Secret Life of a FANTA

Lookee here… Fanta!
Hurrah! Fanta in a bottle!!
Check this out!
Ok I know, I know.
I am very late to this story, to this blazing 1950s bottle but still I am obsessed with brands and so how can you let this beauty go.

I was never a FANTA MAN!  1970s was FRESCA, TAB and DR. PEPPER for the kid in me.  I never understood Fanta and avoided it.

Here in Berlin, I guess I am a bit forced to acknowledge, given the brilliant packaging!

So the story goes, this beverage was an NS REGIME beverage?  A Nazi beverage?  Research says “The drink originated in Nazi Germany, in 1941”.  It seems COKE wouldn’t export to Germany during the war years.  Coke refused as part of an embargo.

The head of COKE GERMANY, Max Keith came up with a thrifty recipe using only what was available “whey and pomace” (what is that, apple?).
Threatened by Pepsi and new competition in the beverage market, Coke relaunched Fanta in 1955.

Primary competitors to Fanta are TANGO in UK and ORANGINA, whose pulp wins me over every time.  I’m looking at FANTA only because of this gorgeous brown and orange bottle that evokes the brooding Post war german time.

So in February 2015 for the 75th anniversary, Fanta came out with the new look “packaged in glass bottles evoking the original design and with an authentic original war-time flavor including 30% whey and pomace”.
Less Diabetes attack I guess.

And then, and then, they also came out with this winning statement, just wait for it….in a new animation advert for TV.
“DIE NEUE FANTA KLASSIC brings back the feeling of the good old times”.

And I repeat: “the good old times”??

Ah, those bloody, nostalgic, insane war years?  We miss them so!

Fanta has not captured me nor convinced me.  Tasty, sparkly, in fact too much sparkle if you ask me.  Give me the taste of 1970s, which was Fresca, Certs, and Wrigleys Spearment gum.  No Aspartine poison and just pure, clean sugar.  Like tube tops, Sweet Honesty Perfume (some one bring that back PLEEEZE) and Butterscotch lip gloss!  And we were ready to “Rock the Boat” with that mélange of style and glamoreeeeee!!

Here is to RING MY BELL and FANTA memories of my 1970s youth! Even though I hated the 70s, it feels much better than what we have today!  I know, I sound like an OLD FOGGIE!!  But I’m not.  If you hate Fanta, love disco and watch NETFLIX, THE GET DOWN, you / we are mega, ultra cool.  And in fact we are old enough to say “I don’t give a FLYING F… K anymore!”  Now that is cool!

Here is the old 2015 commercial and then the new improved one after outrage I am sure!

“To the good old times”

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