Klosterfrau Melissengeist

When I go to another country, the first thing I want to do is blend in.  I make believe that I live in the city.  I wander the streets, I push through with all the other locals at the food markets, and get a thrill when a local asks me for directions in a language I don’t speak.  I love those moments.  I sense the blending in.  I sense I belong.  Just for that moment.  I belong there.  That is what I prefer.  I hate being a tourist.

So if you live in Germany you will be familiar with the shops DM and ROSSMAN, and they will remind you of a DUANE READE in NY or BOOTS in London.

You will find your Nivea Crème, your Timotee shampoo and your Elmex toothpaste.  There is pantyhose, chocolate, and a whole bunch of “German” healing products that will confuse the hell outta you!!  What the hell is it?

So, an old fashioned product like HEILIGE ERDE (Holy Earth) or KLOSTERFRAU which is usually designated to the lowest shelf in DB or ROSSMANN is always a curiosity.

I will focus on KLOSERFRAU.

My German mother in Jamaica Queens, used to bathe herself in this stuff, well, mostly when she got cancer and felt that a miracle would happen.  She had a few bottles of it around before she got sick, and seemed to use it for her muscles and drinking it for “well-being.”  So what is it?

The popularity of herbal and traditional remedies is powerful in Germany. Throughout Berlin, you will find an extensive amount of “Heil praxis” wherever you go from Homeopathy to alternative practices for the body, acupuncture, shiatsu, etc.  But in terms of “remedies” it is mainstream accepted.  I champion this!

When you go to the Apoteke, (the chemists) I always ask if it is “chemisch” or “natural”as you always have the option to simply keep to a natural remedy protocol.

With the proliferation of pharmaceuticals and the power of the pharma industry in USA which has the power to block the availability of certain herbs and remedies, here in Europe there is still a freedom to focus on preventative and focus on the non chemical treatment of an ailment.  (But yes, Germany has incredible PHARMA, so don’t get me started!  I can start the complaint machine with all this.  But I will say, Germans fight this and most people, especially older try to avoid “the pills.”

Herbal supplements play a powerful role in preventive medicine, building the immunity system, so chances of getting sick, infection in the body will diminish.


Founded in 1826 by nun Maria Clementine Martin, called Nun’s Spirit of Melissa. Geist means religious but also translated to mean alcohol as in “spirits”, like brandy.

I found this:
The 17th century Carmelite nuns produced their famous Carmelite Water by combining lemon balm with lemon zest, angelica root, nutmeg and coriander. This formula was sold for hundreds of years under the name Eau de Melisse de Carmes and was used to treat various nervous disorders.  It still appears in German shops as Klosterfrau Melissengeist.  The extract of lemon balm is sometimes referred to as the “spirit” or “compound” of Melissa and is still listed in Germany’s Pharmacopoeia.

Said to improve well being, helps with sleep, nervousness and restlessness.  Any digestive tract issues, bloating, etc.  Exterior use for body’s circulation and muscle issues.  (I also realized that the alcohol does in fact help with circulation therefore helping with stomach ailments, etc. influencing the overall well being of the body, ergo my mother pouring this stuff over her legs and arms.  It does seem to make the body “feel” different.  Maybe all the alcohol in this item!!

The selling point of this product is this “harmonize” hope.  That the “formula” calms the nervous system and strengthens and balances the body.  One finds this in “Bach Flower Remedies” or Rescue Remedy.

Ingredients: Lemon balm leaves, elecampane rhizomes, angelica root, ginger rhizomes, carnation bloom, black pepper fruits, gentian root, orange core, cinnamon-tree bark, senna blossom, cardamon fruits, galanga rhizomes.
Plus 79% alcohol.

What I experienced:  Personally I used the product on my feet.  I walk a lot and my feet are a disaster zone and I use it from time to time after a long day and rub it into the skin.

I must tell you that there is something to this product.  It did help bring down the swelling.  When I had swollen ankles, it helped the swelling.  It does actually work. Whether it works 100% and all the time, I can’t say but from personal experience it does help with circulation.

I am a sucker for the “old school” products.

They still work!  So if the remedy and the ingredients don’t change and stand authentic, I am there!  Lets respect the old remedies and keep them going!!

This is a beautiful product!  Just be careful of the alcohol content.  It is powerful stuff.  So proceed with caution.

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